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Advantages of Hiring a Female Lawyer

Some Amazing Advantages of hiring a female lawyer

Female Lawyer: When it comes to solving problems within a family everyone likes to keep it secret. But when the situations go out of hand and land in the pockets of lawyers then it might become a little difficult to face the consequences. Hence people prefer hiring a female lawyer for solving their family matters such as divorce, children’s custody, very personal issues, etc. 

Although more men are selected as judges and advocates, maybe this is the reason why people strategically hire a female advocates. It is believed that females are more reasonable, fair, and less combative compared to men. It can also happen that a female lawyer can influence the judges and opposition in such a way that males are not capable enough. 

Why female lawyers are preferred over male lawyers:

A female advocate will always look for the best interest of her clients; her approach to every problem is different from that of men. Instead of being abrasive and unreasonable, a good female lawyer will always appeal with compassion and the right sense to fight the case for her clients. 

A woman will listen to her client with full interest and understands their needs and wants until the end of the result. It is a well-known fact that in law, to advance you have to do a good collaboration. If we keep this point in mind, men are biologically connected to attack and fight back whereas women are more likely to negotiate and settle things in any situation. 

There is some instance where people prefer the aggressive approach of the lawyer; it depends on the nature of the case and the type of people you are fighting with. Female advocates are known to appeal to the mass of clients, judges, and the juror who prefer civility and compromise yet favorable solutions. However, not all the time female lawyers are polite and settling, depending on the severity of the case they can be firm and aggressive while approaching. 

Lastly, women are believed to be multitasking, true or not it has been proven that women can prioritize their duties depending o the tasks and situations. She can plan out a large amount of work such as complex cases, back-to-back meetings, personal life, etc. 

Benefits of hiring a female lawyer:

  • Moral and emotional support:

When you choose a female lawyer, you have the advantage to get both a professional person who will fight according to your interest as well as a friend who will give you moral and emotional support during the hard times. 

  • No gender bias:

Female advocates are well aware of gender bias; they have been facing this all their careers. She has potential gender-biased expectations from the legal system of India. Hence it is good if you have female lawyers as they can represent your likes and interests in and out of court. 

  • Sensitive and understanding:

When it comes to family problems, law and circumstances are very critical if you have a person who understands well for represents your case then it becomes easy for you to express your thoughts and problems. Women are naturally sensitive to some family issues and will give their best in handling the situations. 

  • Females are good listeners:

This doesn’t mean that male lawyers are bad listeners, but yes females are good at listening and empathizing with situations. A female advocate can bring out more information through her listening skills. This can act as a positive for her while fighting for any case. She gives importance to all the points her client mentions and acts on them accordingly. Whereas a male lawyer is more likely to put the legal process on and carry out regular duties. 

  • Understands women:

Many female clients prefer female advocates for fighting their cases; the sole reason for this is they feel more comfortable with each other. There is a famous quote, “only women can understand women.” This applies well in such scenarios where there has to be a proper understanding and communication to put your needs before the judges. For instance: if a housewife was subject to domestic violence during her marriage, she can express herself very well in front of a female attorney. And in turn, a female lawyer will do anything in her control to take legal action protection for that abused woman. 

  • Personal experience:

Many female lawyers are married and have seen many situations in and around their married life. Be it, children, in-laws, family, neighbors etc. they are well aware of the circumstances and they can relate to any particular case they are fighting or dealing with. Their personal experiences allow them to understand the case better, bring out evidence in a much more mature manner. 

This doesn’t mean that male lawyers have some negatives over females; it all depends on the type of case and experience. 

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