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Factors that You Should Know About Court Marriage

If you plan to do a court marriage, you must find out all about the steps you need to follow to ensure that the process is completed without any hassle. Couples often prefer the court marriage procedure not only because it is one of the easiest ways of tying the knot, but it is also considered one of the less expensive processes. You do not have to pay for the expensive civil wedding if you opt for a court marriage. Moreover, it would help if you got your marriage registered when you do a civil marriage, which necessitates following the legal procedure. If you follow the court marriage process, you will automatically get your marriage certificate, and you will not have to apply for the registration separately. Some of the other factors that you need to consider about court marriage are as follows:

1. Marriage under the special marriage act: Court Marriage

One of the most critical factors of the court marriage process is that you need to inform the marriage officer about your intention to get married. After that, within thirty days, you will have to apply to the marriage registrar. Once the notice for marriage is declared, anyone comes forth with any issue regarding the marriage; it must be done within these thirty days. The aggrieved person cannot do it beyond this period. The marriage is declared under Section 12 of the Special Marriage Act. The eligibility of the marriage is evaluated under Section 7 of the Special Marriage Act. Therefore, if you are planning to get a court marriage certificate, you need to ensure that you need to follow these initial steps that to make it possible to get the certificate with ease.

2. Procedure to follow on the day of the marriage

When you do a court marriage, there are certain factors that you need to consider even on the day of your marriage. For example, you will need to arrive at the court with at least three witnesses to sign the declaration. Amongst the various court marriage documents, the most important is the registration that you do in front of the registrar and the presence of the witnesses. This will be filed and forwarded, and declared as the marriage. In a civil marriage, you have a religious performance of the marriage rituals, but all of these proceedings are done away in a court marriage. You will only have the base court marriage and the signing of the necessary documents to solemnize the process. This simplifies the entire process and makes it easier to process the legal documents associated with the marriage. Court marriage lawyer will help you in this procedure.

3. Acquiring the marriage certificate

The final step in a court marriage will be to get the marriage certificate. When you have completed the process and signed the necessary documents, the registrar will start the filing process. It usually takes fifteen to thirty days to get the marriage certificate. The registrar will provide the marriage certificate after he has inserted all the necessary details regarding the details of the court marriage. Details of court marriage can be if he has made any observation, he can insert it in the document. The entire process to complete a court marriage takes thirty to sixty days.

4. Some other factors to consider for a court marriage

Court marriage, on the face of it, might seem simple. However, when you plan on doing it, there are certain things that you must prepare for beforehand. Some of these are:

  • Look for a family court in your vicinity where you can apply for a court marriage. For example, if you live in Delhi, then think of court marriage in Delhi.
  • Court marriage in India is simple, but you need to get all the necessary documents ready. Say, for instance, you are a divorcee, and you are opting for court marriage. Then have your original and a copy of your divorce decree ready. You will need to produce these when you apply for a court marriage. This is the court marriage process in Delhi, and equally applicable to most part of India.
  • You will need to produce the receipt of the feed of the application that you had made at the district court.
  • You will have to produce passport size photos of both parties.

It is essential to have all documents relating to the court marriage ready to simplify the process and ensure it is completed efficiently.

One reason couples often choose court marriage instead of civil marriage is that it does away with rituals. When you opt for court marriage, you are heading directly for the legal process, which you have to opt for to ensure that your marriage is recognized in the eyes of the law. Irrespective of the civil rituals, if you do not have your marriage registered, it can create complications in the future. Therefore, in many ways, court marriage is often one of the safest ways of getting married.

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