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Why You Need the Help of a Lawyer Even in a Mutual Consent Divorce?

Divorce Lawyer – Planning for the divorce itself can prove to be strenuous and frustrating. The process can become more difficult if you have to plan things like child custody and child support. In India, there are strict laws that parents have to follow when it comes to evaluating child custody and child support. Hence, even if you plan to get a mutual consent divorce, you need the best divorce lawyer in Delhi to guide you through the process. When you hire a divorce lawyer in Delhi for an MCD, you can be assured that you will not run into any legal issues when you file the case in court, and the decree will be given by the judge easily. Some of the reasons why you need a lawyer in the case of MCD are as follows:

1. Correct evaluation of your case: Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyers can guide you with the correct evaluation of your case. Even when you are filing for an MCD, it has to be done adhering to existing legal requirements for dissolution of marriage. This means you can apply for divorce only if it fulfills the existing legal requirements for divorce. For example, divorce based on ‘irreconcilable differences’ is not accepted in India. Hence, your lawyer has to evaluate your case even when it is an MCD and identify the best way to present it in court to pass judgment quickly. 

2. Understanding child custody

An essential factor of MCD is child custody. When you look for divorce lawyers near me, do not always look for convenience. Check whether the attorney has worked on family cases before. In MCD cases, child custody and child support have to be mentioned. If the judge questions the two parties regarding child support, both parties and their respective lawyers must be prompt with the answers. Hence, you will need the help of experienced lawyers to help you get through with the case with ease.  He can guide you regarding your visitation rights and understand child custody and child support.

3. When can you ask for a mutual consent divorce?

Couples often do not understand that instead of going for a contested divorce, a mutual consent divorce is the best way to end the marriage. Therefore, it is always better to look for the best divorce lawyer instead of the divorce advocate near me who can guide you regarding the benefits of an MCD. It is essential to help your partner understand the benefits of this type of divorce. He can also tell you and your partner about the situations when an MCD is the best way out of the relationship. For example, if a criminal case is filed against a partner, the chances of an MCD are significantly reduced. In such a scenario, you will have no option but to go for a contested divorce. But usually, contested judgments are granted faster in case of criminal cases when proved categorically, and for that, you will need an excellent advocate to represent you in court. Hence, a proper evaluation of your case is necessary to understand when you can ask for an MCD, and for that, you will need to look for a good advocate.

4. Help with filing the case in court.

It is natural to look for an advocate near me for divorce when you are thinking of filing an MCD case in court. You can file an MCD application online, but the case’s actual filing must be done legally and adhering to the proper protocols. Therefore, you will need the help of a lawyer to file the case on your behalf. He will ensure that all the necessary documents are submitted along with the case filing. This will ensure that your case is processed smoothly and you receive the judgment quickly.

When you hire a lawyer even for an MCD case, you are assured that your rights are upheld. However, sometimes judgment gets delayed if the documents have not been submitted or both parties have not taken the necessary decisions regarding alimony, child support, child custody, and property division. In such cases, lawyers are the best people to guide you and help you in this process. So if you are planning to file for an MCD case, you should hire a good lawyer.

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