Domestic Violence

Suffering from domestic abuse can be nerve-wracking, leaving individuals at the mercy of the law. Irrespective of the form it takes, such behavior is dampening and can only lead to making one feel harassed, exploited, and devastated.

Domestic violence in India is soaring over the past few years. At this time, all you need is a hand to pick you up. At, our specialized domestic violence attorneys are here to help you. Through our services, you can embrace the compassionate and caring service you need. With the vast legal knowledge and experience, we help you sail amidst the odd times.

What is domestic violence?

As per the domestic violence act 2005 in India, it includes any type of violence caused by a biological relative. However, it typically refers to the violence suffered by a woman and caused by the male members of the family.

  • It includes physical actions, which include shoving, pushing, scratching, and hitting.
  • It includes sexual abuse that includes inappropriate touching along with non-consensual relationships.
  • Physical actions that include hitting, pushing, beating
  • Harassment such as stalking
  • Verbal threats
  • Name-calling and more

The occurrence of domestic violence can escalate quite quickly, and hence it needs to be addressed legally at the earliest.

Curbing domestic abuse:

If you are suffering from domestic violence, there is a large array of options available to assist. Such assistance can be in the form of seeking the service of a professional lawyer.

  • You must notify law enforcement and criminal press charges
  • Request to place an order of protection

Report violations at the earliest

Finding a domestic violence lawsuit:

The home violence lawyer might not appear with you in the court, however, can help you with the following:

  • Discuss the situation and the available options:

At, we have a large team of specialized domestic violence lawyers who are thoroughly versed with the gravity of the situation and discuss the situation with you in detail. By completely understanding the situation, they are able to guide you with the right options, steps, and the right decisions to make.

  • Offer you available advice and legal information:

Based on the legal information available, we take on the proceedings to offer you the available advice. This advice provided to you serves as the most quintessential requirement for the next proceedings.

  • Explain the proceedings of the court:

Soon after providing you thorough advice, we help you explain the proceedings of the court. This is when we help you be aware of the proceedings that the court might expose you to.

  • Help you with all formalities, such as court forms and documentation:

We assist you with the next steps to take care of the formalities, including documentation, such as court forms and more. We have specialized lawyers in the field who takes care of the necessary formalities to help you live a stress-free life.

  • Assist you with an application form:

We move forward to further strive and offer you assistance with an application form for you to apply for the proceedings.

  • Discuss the eligibility:

We discuss the eligibility with you, whether the crime you witnessed is eligible to be governed by the law or not.

  • Help you to be fully compliant with the law, the pros of the law:

The realm of domestic violence law is vast, and it is our duty and responsibility to help you be compliant with the law. We help you get exposed to the pros of the law, enabling you to attain complete know-how of the benefits of how the law can be helpful.

  • Refer you further to other organizations who might be able to help you more:

In close adherence to the gravity of the situation, we further refer you to organizations that might help you attain psychological help if needed.

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