Himachal Pradesh High Court: Although the Delhi High Court Act was passed only in 1966, the Central Government of India expanded its jurisdiction to include Union Territories such as Himachal Pradesh on May 1, 1967, replacing the Court of Judicial Commissioner in Shimla with the Himachal Bench of the Delhi High Court, which began operating out of the old High Court building known as “Ravenswood” on that date. At the time, the Delhi High Court Chief Justice was the Honorable Mr. Justice K S Hegde. Located at Shimla’s “Ravenswood” building, the first circuit bench of the Delhi High Court was constituted of the Honorable Mr. Justice S. K. Kapoor and the Honorable Mr. Justice Hardayal Hardy, and it convened regularly.

Himachal Pradesh became a state in 1971 and established its own hp high court shimla , which is located in “Ravenswood,” with one Hon’ble Chief Justice and two Hon’ble Judges serving as members of the judiciary. Among the first five Hon’ble Judges of the high court of himachal pradesh shimla were Hon’ble Mr. Justice M. H. Beg and Hon’ble Mr. Justices D B Lal and C R Thakur, who served as the court’s other two honorable justices.

As of right now, the coveted office of Hon’ble Chief Justice is held by Hon’ble Mr. Justice L. Narayana Swamy, and it is under his skilled leadership that the High Court and the Courts subordinate to it have made significant progress. As a result, despite its small size, the Supreme Court of our country occupies a prominent position in the judicial scene. Today, the hp high court has thirteen judges, including the Chief Justice, instead of nine serving justices, including the Hon’ble Chief Justice, when the court first opened its doors.

The High Court of Himachal Pradesh

On August 15, 1948, the Central Government passed the himachal high court
Order 1948, which established a court system in the state. Paragraph 3 of this Order determined that the Himachal Pradesh Court of Judicial Commissioner would be located at “Harvingtan” in the form of Himachal Pradesh (Kelston area Bharari, Shimla). With the passage of the Judicial Commissioner’s Court Act, 1950, it gained the authority of a Supreme Court. In Washington, D.C, the Court of Judicial Commissioners was created on August 15, 1948. The rules and orders of the Punjab High Court, with the necessary modifications, were put into effect.

It was established at the ancient High Court building known as “Ravenswood” when the Delhi High Court Act was passed in 1966, and it was extended to Himachal Pradesh, where it replaced the Court of Judicial Commissioner with the Himachal Bench of the Delhi High Court, which was established at Shimla and began operating there.

On January 25, 1971, the new state of Himachal Pradesh was established and its own High Court with its headquarters in “Ravenswood” Shimla, as well as an Honorable Chief Justice and two Honorable Judges. Parliament enacted the State of Himachal Pradesh Act on December 18, 1970, and the new state was officially established on January 25, 1971. It is possible to find information about the present status, a high court of himachal pradesh cause list, orders, and judgments on the High Court’s website.

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