Rohini Court - A Detailed Information

Rohini court is a district court located near Madhuban Chowk on the Outer Ring road in Rohini, Delhi. It was inaugurated on 6th January 2006 and is now fully operational. Currently, the Rohini District Court is operating with 62 courts. They deal with criminal, civil, rent, matrimonial, and motor accident claims cases. Rohini Court has two DLSA- Delhi Legal Service Authority and one Mediation Centre applicable in North and North-West Districts.

Rohini Court became functional on 6th January 2006. In the beginning, it began with the jurisdiction of one district, i.e. north-West Delhi. After this, the criminal jurisdiction of the West District also began to be consulted in Rohini District Court.

In September 2008, Dwarka court was inaugurated. Civil Subordinate Courts in Delhi were separated from Tis Hazari Courts and assigned to their respective District Courts in Delhi. Thus the criminal and civil jurisdiction of North-West Delhi was handed over to the Rohini Court Delhi, and the criminal courts of West Delhi were given back to Tis Hazari Court.

Subsequently, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi reallocated the districts into 11 separate districts. The North-West district was split into two parts- North and North-West.

Structure of Rohini District Court

Basically, an institution that delivers justice and auxiliary support to the justice delivery system is known as a District court. The District courts are situated in six locations in Delhi. Currently, their nine District courts are functioning.

The District Court is constructed in the area covering 75000 square yards and has five storeys. It has 56 courts and many branches, including:

  • Library- On the fifth level, the Library is currently open to court officers. They can access all the books, journals and newspapers.
  • Family Court- It is located on the ground level and has unique areas designed to meet the needs of children who come to the proceedings with their parents.
  • DLAS- Delhi Legal Aid Services Office- Third floor, Room no. 306. The Office of DLAS provides free legal advice to the needy, poor, scheduled caste, women, children, etc.
  • Mediation Centre- Fourth floor, Room no. 408. Rohini Court has a free Mediation Centre.
  • Copying Agency- Third floor, Room no. 303. They provide certified copies of documents related to judicial case files on delivering an application.
  • Record Room- Third floor, Room no. 309. The judicial officials’ consignment of files and matured judicial records are disposed of in this place.
  • Office of Bar Association- Ground floor, Central hall. Here you can contact your lawyers for a case.
  • Nazarat Branch- Third floor, room no. 313. It is mainly responsible for delivering or executing various procedures issued by the courts in Rohini District Court.
  • Conference Hall- Ground floor, room no. 18. Video conferencing is available between the court and the jail, as well as between the court and other court buildings, such as the High Court.
  • Administration Branch- Fourth floor, Room no. 405. It deals with the administrative functions related to the employees of the court complex.
  • Cash Branch- Ground floor, near SBI Bank. This branch is in charge of receiving and depositing fines, fees, challans, and other monetary receipts in the government treasury or RBI.
  • Bail Section
  • RTI Cell- Fourth floor, room no. 405. A Public Information Officer is in charge of it. All the applications received by the Officer is duly sent to their respective quarters and is disposed of by him.
  • Computer Branch- Fourth floor of the Main building. This branch manages the computer facilities installed in all the courts, departments and residences of judicial officers. They provide technical assistance to troubleshoot the problems whenever required.
  • ACMM Office- Fourth floor, room no. 405. The primary function of the ACMM office is to receive or dispatch letters or orders to and from the High and Supreme Court of India for the necessary action.
  • Account Branch- Fourth floor, Room no. 405. This room is responsible for all kinds of pays and allowances of the employees and the employers.
  • ACJ Office
  • Lawyer Chambers
  • And many other Branches.

Other facilities available to the public

Rohini Court experiences a huge number of footfalls every day. The court keeps in mind the requirements of all the litigants, lawyers and general public and provides them with several services for their convenience. They have handicap friendly structures, public convenience, parking, parks, sitting arrangements, government dispensary, cafeteria, Mother Dairy, stamp vendors, file inspection, security, stationery, Tihar Jail shops and transport allowances of witnesses.

How to check your case status?

Each case is provided with a unique identity number, CNR- Case Number record. Rohini Court Case Status can be accessed online by clicking on the services tab placed on the right of the North website only on their official website.

This CNR provided to all the litigants, advocates and stakeholders for their respective cases from the concerned courts for all future references remain constant.