Tis Hazari Court – A Detailed Information

As Delhi had just one district, Tis Hazari Court was the most critical court complex in the city. With time, however, the courts were relocated to other facilities. The court currently contains courts with authority over Central Delhi and West Delhi. Whenever there is a contentious situation involving law and order, the police are frequently on the receiving end. It has been chastised for either neglecting to respond in a specific scenario or to overreact and to utilize excessive force in those situations.

As Delhi was under the jurisdiction of the High Court of Punjab at the time, the Tees Hazari Court Complex was inaugurated in 1958 by Chief Justice A.N. Bhandari, the then Chief Justice of Punjab. As Delhi had just one district, Tis Hazari was the most important court complex. Over time, though, courts were relocated to neighboring facilities. The court currently houses courts with jurisdiction over Central Delhi and West Delhi.

When should you approach Tis Hazari Court?

When one examines the sequence of events at District Court Tis Hazari, it is clear that the police, the bar, and even the judiciary did not act with the tolerance, understanding, and neutrality that one would expect of these institutions. Unfortunately, the police leadership failed on two crucial fronts. The ministry of home affairs was upset that the police officers’ pent-up rage could not be restrained and that they took to the streets shouting slogans and demanding justice. And the rank and file were dissatisfied with the leadership for failing to take a stand and maintain the uniform’s dignity.

Even in events that were extensively reported in the media, such as lawyers punching a police officer, maltreating another police officer, and misbehaving with a female deputy commissioner of police, there remained an incomprehensible delay in registering complaints. According to a circular issued on Thursday, Tis Hazari district courts will begin limited physical hearings of cases on September 1. Tis Hazari Court Delhi can help you to get justice.

What does “Case is Pending” mean?

You can know the status of your hearing at Tis Hazari Court case status e-portal. The case is considered to be a Pending Case when the trial proceedings of a case are pending in a court of law, and the matter is in a position where several hearings or proceeding dates will be required to reach a point where a judgment can be delivered, and the case may be disposed of. You should know about Tis Hazari Court’s cause list.

 Steps on how to file an RTI request to Tis Hazari Court

  • Write a formal application, which can be typed or neatly handwritten, and include “Application under RTI Act 2005” at the top.
  • RTI applications can be written in English, Hindi, or the official language of the locality.
  • Write the name of the office you’re looking for information from, as well as the complete, precise address.
  • Ask explicit, detailed questions to express your request. If necessary, request papers or document extracts. The petitioner must pay Rs. 2 per page to obtain documents.
  • Attach the necessary government RTI fee in an IPO/DD/MO, etc., with the RTI application. Payments should be paid to “THE DISTRICT JUDGE, CENTRAL DISTRICT, TIS HAZARI.”
  • Fill out your full name and address and your contact information and email address, and sign the application. Include the date as well as the name of your town.
  • Make a photocopy for you to keep for future reference.
  • You should make a declaration that you are an Indian citizen at the end of the application.

The information must be delivered within 30 days, according to the legislation. You can file an appeal if this does not happen. The initial request should be written to “The Appellate Authority, “with the department’s name and address included. The appellate authority must respond within 45 days of receiving the appeal. If the Appellate Authority rejects or fails to respond, the Information Commission, the Chief Information Commissioner, and the State/Central Information Commission are the next steps.

What is the meaning of a Case Item Number?

When a case is reported for a specific date, it appears in the cause list for that day. The cases in the cause list are organized in chronological order, with each case being assigned a number that corresponds to the case’s Item Number. It is essentially a roll call in which the cases in a courtroom are called. CNR stands for Case Number Record. CNR is a 16-digit number assigned to each case.

It is the one-of-a-kind case identification number that may be used to identify any Case. When you first launch the eCourts Services app, you’ll see a box where you can ‘Search by CNR.’ Each case in the high courts or district courts is assigned a CNR number, a unique 16-digit alphanumeric number. Relax if you don’t know your CNR number or can’t find it.