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We live in a digital world where liquid cash is the way of the transaction today. And one such preferred option of withdrawing and depositing money is cheques. But did you know that 1 in every 10 people gets accused of false cheque bounces?

Yes, as cheque bounce today is becoming a pretty common scenario. Irrespective of whether you are a reputed businessman or a normal salaried person, you can easily find yourself fixed in a cheque bounce case by a bank. This can happen due to a lot of things, including a signature mismatch, insufficient funds in the account, and many more.

To help you out of every such case, we at are one of the most trusted options. Think of any such fraud case, and we are there to help you from start to end. Our team of lawyers understands the perplexing nature of such cases and thus, does everything in our hands to help you out.

Not many of you know this, but if there is a repeat cheque offense, then it might have a serious repercussion. You can be called to pay off the penalty or, in the worst case, might serve a jail sentence easily.

Thus, for all those who need help with these types of legal cases, our experts are the ones to seek after. We have an in-depth knowledge of the proceedings and would get the best cheque bounce case lawyer to fight your case.

Services That We Provide:

  1. Negating The Penalty Imposed by the Financial Institution:

We help you to solve the case by getting into the meat of the matter first. We know that in every case of the cheque bounce, both the payee and the receiver are sued. So, in these cases, we generally guide the check issuer to use an overdraft account to avoid such situations. Other than that, we can also help settle the case by legal procedures easily.

  1. Warding off Criminal Charges From The Bank:

Usually, it is seen that whenever there is a cheque bounce case, then the financial institution often relegates to pressing criminal charges against the user under section-138. This type of situation can readily get you in a fix.

But with our expert service, you can take a sigh of relief. We know what action to take against the cheque bounce charges and inspect the case from within. Our lawyers check for all the facts, including transaction, amount, date, and then help you out legally.

  1. Sending Legal Notice:

If you are the receiver of the amount, then it is mandatory to send a legal notice to the payer within 30 days of the cheque bounce complaint. Every person who is on the receiving side can do this under IPC section 138 to inform the payer of insufficient balance.

We help you file the legal notice and take matters to court if the payer doesn’t settle the amount quickly.

  1. Filing A Counter Case:

Sometimes it is also seen that people file a false cheque bounce case against the payee. In this type of situation, our lawyers can help you out with their expertise. You can easily ask for the compensation and expenses for dealing with the false case against the bank. We can also help you file a defamation case against the false accuser legally.

Documents Required When Filing The Counter Case:

We impose a charge upon the false accuser with the help of these documents:

  • Bill generated when the transaction was done.
  • Statement of the bank account.
  • Copy of the cheque and bank draft cheque issued.

False check bounce cases, along with other unscrupulous transactions, are steadily on the rise. While we know it is essential to stay alert of these malicious practices, you cannot help but become a victim all of a sudden.

At, we always adhere to the saying and abide by it, which goes as “Prevention is better than Cure.”  This is one of our principles that have made us one of the best in dealing with cheque bounce case. Thus, if you feel the need to talk to us at any time, just reach out, and our experts will get in touch with you.