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The realm of child custody law and is a vast one, with every state has its regulations. Some of these laws are extremely complicated and require the intervention of a professional, safeguarding one’s interests.

With issues pertaining to marriage soaring, today’s problems are evolving, leading to issues governing custody of a child. This is when it gets crucial to govern who will get custody of the child and will take the entire legal responsibility.

Sailing amidst these crucial times gets easier with the assistance of a professional lawyer like us. At, we have a large team of attorneys taking care of child custody issues. The attorneys can help in ensuring that the proceedings work smoothly.

What does the child custody law state?

Under the child custody laws in India 2019, the mother usually gets to keep the minor child below five years of age. On the other hand, fathers can get custody of older boys. However, the rule is not stringent and allows flexibility based on the interest of the child. It is the choice of the child that largely matters.

When should you seek a child custody lawyer?

There is a large array of steps that you must go through in order to receive child custody. Moreover, there are a lot of different thoughts on the law regarding custody of child. The process, although it sounds smooth, however, it is overshadowed with a lot of bumps on the way. The process, instead, can take a diverging turn and can get extremely messy. This is when an attorney can help and ensure that the proceedings work smoothly.

For non-custodial parents, the child support attorney can come to the rescue and help represent the interests while establishing paternity. This further helps in determining the amount of payment required for supporting the child.

A number of states need the parents to govern a plan outlining the parenting details for custody and visitation. It can be an extremely bitter and emotional experience for parents, which is why it is essential to work it out with a professional, helping you find calm out of the mess.

Our area of interests:

Knowing the interest of the child:

The team of experts takes special care of the child and helps you grab their primary attention. As the fight in regards to custody can get extremely stressful, we have attorneys in our team helping you know the child’s interest.

Courtroom proceedings:

We are thoroughly aware of the courtroom proceedings and know how to present the key points in front of the courtroom. We help you take the confidence of the court, even when the surroundings get extremely complicated.

We have the confidence to make it extremely simple while bringing forward the right judgment pertaining to child custody laws in India.

Child support:

Being an experienced child custody lawyer firm in India, we are largely aware of the right ways to negotiate the payment for the child’s maintenance. Without the professional by your side, it can be strenuous to gain the support of your child and tackle the situation with expertise.

Negotiating power:

We take the utmost pride in being one of the leading lawyers due to the negotiating capacity we have. We are largely aware of how to protect the rights, and this furthermore entails us to give you custody of child under Hindu law.

Finding a child custody lawyer today:

The lawyers in our firm are trained and skilled to handle the cases with utmost professionalism. Finding the perfect attorney gets easier with the help of a child custody lawyer at This is the perfect place for you to start searching for a lawyer and communicate your proceedings further.

With us, you can seek out attorneys specializing in child custody and other related matters. You must get in touch with us at the earliest to schedule an initial consultation and discuss the matter pertaining to your case. If you need to know more about after-divorce child custody laws in India, you must get in touch with us to know more in detail.

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