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It is mostly observed all over the world that right after the birth of a child, his/her parents tend to plan the grand wedding ceremony of their child along with their future and career. Marriage, the most significant and most vital event of someone’s life, is exhilarating indeed. But among all excitement, you should never forget about Marriage registration to give your legal marriage validation forever.

Whether you are going to buy a property or an apartment or applying for a visa, your marriage registration certificate is a must. Even in the worse cases like divorce, custody of your kids, or death of your spouse, a single marriage registration certificate can rescue you from thousands of hurdles. Hence, the importance of marriage registration is way more than the conventional wedding celebration.

Although it is quite a straightforward procedure yet without having the right guidance or a good registrar, you might face confusion or even some troubles considering this matter. But, worry not! We are here to offer you the exact help you are looking for. We expect every marriage to be peaceful and everlasting. Therefore, we provide the best Marriage registration service for our clients within their budget.

How does our service work?

According to the special marriage act, marriage registration is the legitimate and official bond between two individuals who sign a legal Marriage registration form. Now, this can be procured both online or offline depending on our client’s convenience.

Whether you are applying online or offline mode, the main registration process is done under professional assistance and supervision.

Online marriage registration:

If you are the one who wants your wedding to be completely out of any complexes, then you would not probably find a decent and easy-going option than an online marriage registration. All you have to do is to open the exact website and register by filling the application form. Your application date should have a minimum gap of fifteen days from the registration date.

Keeping our busy and hardworking clients in mind, we have especially designed our latest online service. With us, you can enjoy the most hassle-free and exciting marriage experience ever. Once you are registered under our assistance, you will be given a particular venue and time for the marriage registry. Get some of your relatives or friends as witnesses along with the essential documents, and we are always here to make your wedding experience the best one.

By choosing Register marriage online, you can save not only your time but also lots of effort and an unnecessary load of other documents. You only have to carry the documents mentioned below with you, and our expert marriage registrars will entirely scrutinize all of them.  Additionally, witnesses are a must along with their identity proof. Once you contact us, we shall inform you about all the essential details so that you don’t have to handle problems later

Offline marriage registration:

Unlike the previous one, offline marriage registration is a little bit more time-consuming. Most commonly, an already solemnized marriage is applied under this process. Although this process needs a little too much time, documents, and notices, our team is always ready to help you.

From whichever caste or religion you belong to, the rules are going to be the same for all our honorable clients. Our highly skilled and professional sub-registrars always examine if the age of the bride is over 18 and the groom’s age is over 21. Additionally, you have to procure a 30-day notification to our registrars well.

Important documents you have to be ready with:

For your convenience, we have made a detailed list of some of the crucial papers and documents both you and your spouse have to during the marriage registration.

  • Birth certificate
  • Identity proof
  • Photographs of both the bride and the groom (passport size)
  • Address proof.
  • At least 1 to 2 witnesses
  • Signature
  • Application form

What does our service provide?

  • Online marriage registration.
  • Collecting and scrutinizing all legal documents.
  • Court marriage.
  • Offline marriage registration.
  • Provide marriage certificate within few working days.


Get in touch:

If you or any of your close ones are thinking of getting married within a few days or months, don’t need to wait for your number to stand in the long lines anymore. With our team of professional marriage registrars, a perfect registry marriage is no longer a dream anymore. Feel free to contact us whenever you require, and we will undoubtedly allot the best Marriage registrar for you.

To benefit from our exceptional services, all you have to do is quickly reach us without further ado. We know that marriage is the celebration of love between two hearts that should always be special. So, don’t think twice before contacting us to deliver our best assistance to you.