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With driving a car, comes big responsibility. It is not an offense as it shows your social status, dignity, independence until it is traversing any laws or harming the civilization. The number of drunk and drive cases and the death rate by road accidents worldwide are increasing massively with the growth of the so-called ‘modern’ alcoholic generation. People of all ages are involved in such offensive crime scenes, especially the youngsters.

Research shows that approximately 6% of Indians, involving in road accidents died under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The government has fixed a specific drinking age to avoid such horrendous incidents that might vary from state to state. Therefore, when it comes to the Drunk and drive case, rules are pretty strict here.

If you’ve ever been in this situation before, you may know the consequences and expense of the process. Once you are accused of a DUI or driving under any influence, you may have to involve a professional attorney to go out of the mess smoothly. Our team of experienced attorneys is here to save your driving license and money depending on the level of the damages transpired by your barfly driving.

The assistance we offer:

Drivers under any kind of liquor influence are not less than a criminal in the eye of our system. Drunk and drive case Mumbai 50, Drunk and drive court cases in Mumbai 40 are dire and shocking as well. But fake cases are there too that require immediate justice. Thinking about all kinds of clients, we assign our best attorneys who can defend and rescue our clients as soon as possible.

Listen to our client’s side of the story:

In some cases, the driver becomes truly innocent and gets charged as the breath analyzer fails to prove them trustworthy. Therefore, the naïve driver tends to verify his point by arguing or even combating with the officers and sometimes going to jail.

We, observing the Drunk and drive case in Delhi, always try to offer attorneys who can fight for you to confirm your safety only if you are solely innocuous. Our professional attorneys always try to defend our clients and give them justice.

Arranges required documents and paper for judiciary appearance:

Until you are completely honest, our lawyers cannot entirely protect you from all the hassle of visiting court and facing testimonies. What we offer for our clients is a proficient attorney who can easily arrange the necessary documents to authenticate them decently.

Along with that, we accurately prepare our clients so that they don’t face any uncertainty. Additionally, we continuously support them mentally as mental peace is the essential thing at that moment.

Restores client’s driving exemptions:

Once any driver is tested by the breathalyzer and found under the impact of alcohol, the government abolishes his/her driving license for at least 6 months and charges a large sum of money. If the alcohol level is 30mg per 100ml of blood, you are immediately accused as a drunk driver.

The punishment might vary from person to person, yet the reputation of the person immediately diminishes. Our reputed attorneys try to stand by our client’s side and negotiate over the charged amount. Although you cannot run away from paying the money yet with our help, you may not have to pay a lot of sum for sure. With us, your driving license will be restored fast as well.

Our additional services:

The services as mentioned above are not restricted to what we offer, instead our services exceed to offering the following: 

  • Give attention to our clients and listen to them carefully.
  • Arrange the essential papers for the court appearance.
  • Restores client’s driving privileges quickly.
  • Negotiate over demanded money.

In a word, our highly professional and skilled attorneys can lead you to quickly solve your problem once you’re accused of a Drunk and drive case. As DUI is a crime, you have to confront the consequences, but it will be easier to cope with the situation with us.

Lastly, we can suggest you avoid drinking before or while driving as it is serious corruption. Drink and drive is a crime, and one must try to prevent it. Hope you are driving safe!