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Getting a privileged job is one of the biggest concerns of the 21st century. No matter what you do, the rat race will not stop and is like to rise exponentially in the future. But apart from the growing concerns of teenagers who would love to get settled with a nice-paying job, several individuals have faced the leeward side too.

Yes, we are talking about the litigation that arises in both government and private job sectors. At our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the various service issues people face at the workplace. Our professional service caters to both private and public job categories, and with our intelligent team of cat and service matter lawyers, every issue of yours becomes history.

We know that scoring a dream job is very tough in this competitive world. But more than that, if anything hurts, it is facing workplace harassment. Today millions of people face this but are not aware of the endless possibilities that government has for them.

What makes us different in this matter is how we present the evidence and take a strong stand for the victims. We know that being in the sector of service and cat matters law, our courtroom litigation and negotiation can help our clients easily.

Services That We Offer:

There are various issues in which an employee can take matters to court under the CAT. Irrespective of whatever may be your stand, you can plead with the court to take immediate action against your employer if it falls under the following:

  • Recruitment disputes on the joining terms
  • Disputes over appointment, misconduct, and suspension
  • Issues related to promotion and demotion
  • Disputes that are subjected to transfer and posting
  • ACR, CVC, and PCA matters
  • Raising a voice against removal, suspension, and termination


When you get in touch with us for the best lawyer for service matters in CAT, we make the best efforts to get you out of the sticky situation. We help draft an online notice to the court and take it up to give back what you have lost.

One thing is sure that we want all our clients to stay at peace mentally. Thus, we have the best lawyer for services matters in CAT New Delhi. Our lawyers help you fight the case with dignity and make you feel that you are not alone.

So, next time you or anyone close to you is in such situations in a public workplace, you know where to find us. Just make sure to give us a call, and our government service matter lawyers in Cat New Delhi will get in touch with you.

Our team of professionals has the best solutions for all your woes and even makes it their duty to give you back what you deserve. Thus, one thing is for sure with us by your side, you will never feel the need of calling it a truce when the other party is guilty.