Some Points to Consider When You File for Divorce Application Online

Divorce Application Online – Planning for a divorce can prove to be a strenuous and challenging process. However, you can try to simplify the process by filing for a divorce application online. With the help of digitalization, the first thing that happens is that you reduce the hassle of physically visiting the court right from the start. Your lawyer can also help reduce the stress associated with the divorce application when you apply for a divorce online. The objective of divorce online is to simplify the entire process of mutual divorce. If both parties consent to the divorce and are prepared to avoid contesting it at all costs, then the best way to proceed with the divorce would be to apply for it online. Some of the steps to follow when you apply for a divorce online in India are as follows:

1. Agreeing to part ways mutually: Divorce Application Online

If you are planning to file for divorce online, then you will have to agree to part ways mutually. It would be best to lay the groundwork for the divorce proceedings by discussing, which can be held in both parties’ lawyers. Otherwise, informal discussions can also be held between the two parties, but it must be a mutual consent divorce for the application to be filed online.

2. Must make all decisions beforehand

It would be best to make all decisions regarding alimony, child custody, child support, division of assets, and child support beforehand. Unlike a contested divorce, when you file for an online divorce in India, there is no place to argue and hold discussions about alimony, child support, or division of assets. Online filings of divorce have been introduced to make the entire process more accessible, and hence, you need to discuss and have all of these things decided beforehand.

3. Have lawyers to help you with the process

It might seem easy to file for divorce online, but it is a legal proceeding. In India, divorce is a strict legal decree that has to be respected and signed in lawyers’ presence. The divorce decree itself is passed only by a judge. Even if you feel you can fill the form and submit the necessary document yourself, you must have a lawyer to help you through the process. There will be certain parts of the form that you might not be familiar with, and if it is not appropriately filed, the legal teams of both parties will not process your application.

4. Provide a legal notice to your spouse

As a part of the online application, you will have to send a legal notice to your spouse regarding the divorce proceedings.  You can send this legal notice by registered mail, or you can deliver it in person. Nevertheless, you should never proceed with sending a legal notice without informing your attorney beforehand. When you apply for divorce, your intention of proceeding with filing is clear. You do not wish to go back from this point, and you want to go ahead with the divorce. Hence, it is necessary to keep your lawyer informed and follow his or her instructions regarding the subsequent steps to make getting the divorce simpler. Therefore, when you send a legal notice to your spouse, ensure that you follow the instructions provided by your lawyer.

5. Finalization of the filing

Divorce Application Online: This step has to be carried out by the lawyers of the two parties. When the filing of a mutual consent divorce is done online, lawyers of both parties will evaluate the application and ensure that the application has been made adhering to the decisions taken beforehand. The application will be scrutinized thoroughly to ensure that no additions have been made and it is precisely on the lines of a mutual consent divorce. You will have to take a printout of the application as it is one of the essential documents required for divorce. Once the application goes through, the proceedings rest with the court. It is now the decision of the court to evaluate the grounds on which the divorce has been filed. If a mutual consent divorce is all decisions that have been taken and evaluated beforehand, the divorce decree usually comes through. It is done to reduce the hassles of divorce

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