Patna High Court

Patna High Court – A Detailed Information And Functioning

Patna high court was established on February 9, 1916. It is dated that it took three years to construct Patna high court if we calculate it from the date of laying the foundation stone to the final inauguration of the HC Patna. The foundation stone was laid on December 1, 1913, and was integrated on February 3, 1916. Both the laying of the foundation stone and the integration were done under the ages of Sir Charles Harding, who was the governor-general and the viceroy of India back then.

The Patna high court also celebrated its centenary since it was integrated in 1916 to commemorate the day. A stamp was issued, marking the same in 2015.

Who is the Chief Justice of HC Patna?

The Chief Justice of Patna High Court is Honorable Justice Karol. He was appointed as the HC Patna chief justice on November 11, 2019, and has been leading the judicial system of Patna since then, till date.

How to get the status of Patna high court online?

There are 25 high courts in India. The growing population and the number of crimes and judicial procedures are increasing daily. A single case can take as long as a decade or even more than that. To ensure the smooth functioning of courts and easy access for the public to register cases, the Government of India has set up a system of online status for different courts.

If you have a pending case in Patna high court, you can check the status online by visiting

Ways to track the case status

Tracking the status of the case was once a complicated and costly affair. It involved receiving a detailed notice from the officials regarding the hearing or other judicial procedures. Still, now with the world turning online, the high courts have also joined the digital game.

You can check the Patna high court case status online, through your laptop, computer, mobile phone, or any other device with an internet connection. There are a few ways in which you can track your case status.

1. Patna high court case status by the police station

You can trace the Patna high court case status by police station. It would help if you visited Also, you need the following information for checking in the following method.

i. Select the district: You’ll find a select bar, choose the district where you got your case registered.

ii. Police station: You will get a second select bar just below the ‘District’ bar after selecting the district. Click on the ‘Police Station’ bar, and you’ll find all the police stations of the district you specified earlier. Click on the police station where you registered the case.

iii. Case number: You must have got an official copy from the police station or the court. Check for the case using Patna high court case status by token number. Enter it in the ‘Case number’ tab.

iv. Year: In the last section, you need to fill in the ‘Year.’ See for the year you got your case registered. Make sure that you enter the correct year, don’t get confused with it. As mentioned in the receipt, you need to fill in the year in which you required the case.

v. Enter the code: Then enter the code as shown on the site, and you’ll now be able to access the status of your Patna high court status by police station.

2. Patna high court status by token number

The other way you can access the status of your case is by token number. Here are the steps

i. Case type: Click on the ‘case type’ bar and select the ideal match suitable for the tour case. You can choose from Adm. Suit., Com App, Comp. App and others among the options available. You can also refer to your registration receipt or consult any legal adviser for the same.

ii. Filing number: Look for the filling number you got from the police station or the courts and enter it in this tab.

iii. Year: This step is the same as discussed above. Make sure you enter the year in which your case was registered and not the current year.

iv. Enter the code: Enter the code being flashed on the yellow panel.

Tap on ‘Show,’ and you’ll now be able to track your Patna high court status by token number.

How to check the Patna high Court list?

You need to visit and select the option of case list or search Patna high court cause list and tap on the first option you see.

You can search for the case court number wise, judge name wise, AOR number wise, Advocate name wise, Case number wise, Party name wise, or you can search the entire case list too.

So here is all you should know about the Patna high court. Here we discussed how to check Patna high court case status and the methods.

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