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The Jharkhand High Court was created in 2011 and happened to be one of India’s newest High Courts. Consequently, the Bihar Reorganisation Act, 2000, which was enacted after the separation of Jharkhand from Bihar, was formed in the year 2000. The court has jurisdiction over the state of Jharkhand.

Ranchi, the state’s administrative capital, is the primary site of activity for the court. A total of 25 judges are authorised to sit on the bench of the court. The new edifice for the Jharkhand High Court has been granted the go-ahead. High Court, a residential complex for the judges, and a building for attorneys’ chambers, among other items, have been granted for the 165-acre tract of land near the HEC Industrial Complex.

According to current estimates, the project would cost roughly Rs. 460 crores. 4 conference rooms, 8 committee meeting halls, and a separate facility for the Advocate General and the Government’s Legal Representative are all included in this new complex. For the first time, the Jharkhand High Court will broadcast virtual proceedings on YouTube live beginning December 15, 2021. The Jharkhand High Court became the country’s sixth court to begin live-streaming sessions on YouTube, beating out the previous five.


According to the Patna High Court’s letters patent, a circuit bench of Patna High Court got established in Ranchi on March 6, 1972. Act 57 of 1976, the High Court at Patna Act of 1976, established the Permanent Bench at Ranchi on April 8, 1976, by converting the Circuit Bench to the Permanent Bench of the Patna High Court. On November 15, 2000, after Bihar’s reorganisation, this Permanent Bench was elevated to the status of the Jharkhand High Court.

Role of the Jharkhand High Court

The Jharkhand High Court is the highest court in the state. Articles 214 to 231 of the Indian Constitution deal extensively with the High Courts of India, their organisation, and their duties. Another option is for parliament to approve a single High Court for many states. As you will be able to find out in the Jharkhand high court display board, there is a good list of things that you need to know about.

There is a familiar venue for the High Court of Haryana, Punjab, and the Union Territory of Chandigarh. In addition, a single Supreme Court oversees all of the northeastern states. In addition, the High Court of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry serves both states. The Jharkhand high court cause list is quite wide, with several important cases on the list.

There are now 25 High Courts in India. Please check the linked page for a comprehensive list of India’s High Courts. High courts were established across India with the Indian High Courts Act of 1861. With the high Jharkhand high court case status, you can expect the best results.

What precisely are the High Court’s responsibilities?

There are many subsections in the following section that deal with the High Court’s jurisdiction, powers, status, and other duties.

The Supreme Court has the authority to rule on any matter.

High Court jurisdiction may be divided into a variety of categories, such as the following:

A starting point for determining the jurisdiction of a case

  • Civil cases involving property worth more than Rs 20,000 may only be heard by these High Courts, which is a privilege not enjoyed by other courts.
  • For fundamental rights, they may issue writs so that they can be enacted.
  • In addition, all High Courts have original jurisdiction in various other areas, including wills, divorce, contempt of court, and admiralty.
  • The High Courts may consider election petitions.

Appellate Courts’ Authority to Decide

If the district court’s ruling is unfavourable, a civil appeal may be taken all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. If the issue involves more than Rs. 5000/- in damages, or if the case involves a question of fact or law, an appeal may be filed immediately from the lower court. Judges from the Sessions and Additional Sessions courts and the Supreme Court have all issued decisions in criminal matters. About the high court Ranchi, there is much information to be shared. With the present Jharkhand high court status, things are getting better.

The session’s judge has handed down a sentence of seven years or more in prison. If the session judge finds in favour of the execution, it will be carried out. The Supreme Court has the authority to decide on any legal challenges brought by states and federal governments, including constitutional challenges. Whether the Supreme Court finds that the case poses a significant question of law, the case may be found constitutional.

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