Allahabad High Court

Allahabad High Court – A Detailed Information And Functioning

History of Allahabad High Court

The Allahabad High Court is also recognized as the High Court of Judicature in Allahabad. It is a high court in India that has jurisdiction over Uttar Pradesh. Prayagraj is the location (Allahabad). It is one of India’s oldest high courts, established on March 17, 1866.

In 1834, Allahabad was designated as the capital of the North-Western Provinces, with a High Court established. Regardless, it was resettled in Agra within a year. In 1869, it was returned to Allahabad. In the Accountant General’s office, the previous High Court was housed within the University of Allahabad building.

The Indian High Courts Act 1861 designated it as the High Court of Judicature for the North-Western Regions on March 17, 1866. It substituted the former Sadr Diwani Adalat. The first Chief Justice and Registrar of the North-Western regions High Court were Sir Walter Morgan, Barrister-at-Law, and Mr Simpson.

In 1869, the High Court of the North-Western Regions shifted from Agra to Allahabad. On March 11, 1919, Allahabad’s High Court of Judicature was renamed. On March 11, 1919, the High Court of Judicature in Allahabad was renamed. On February 25, 1948, the Oudh Chief Court and the Allahabad High Court combined. Prayagraj is the court’s headquarters. The Allahabad High Court has a permanent circuit bench in Lucknow, the state’s administrative capital. 

When Uttar Pradesh was divided into Uttaranchal, now known as Uttarakhand, in 2000, this high court lost jurisdiction over the Uttaranchal districts.

Loha Mundi’s Khan Saheb Nizamuddin in Agra built the Allahabad High Court. In addition, he gave the High Court the water fountain. The number of active judges is 160, the highest in India.

High Court Service

The office staff at Alld High Court of Judicature is divided into four categories:

·  A cadre of the General Office (Registrar Cadre)

After passing a competitive exam, an officer joins this cadre as a Review Officer/Assistant Review Officer and progresses through the ranks of S.O./Asst./Deputy/Joint Registrar to the position of Registrar.

· A cadre of Bench Secretaries

· A cadre of Private Secretaries

· Cadre of Computers

Services provided by Allahabad High Court

The Committee was established to assist low-income people with free and competent legal services. Any other authority created under any legislation to perform judicial or quasi-judicial responsibilities in Allahabad is the Board of Revenue. It ensured that no citizen’s right to justice is denied because of economic or other barriers in the High Court or Central Administrative Tribunal at Allahabad, other than District Courts.

Other goals include establishing Lok Adalats to ensure that the judicial system operates to promote justice on a level playing field in a friendly environment.

The webpage allows users to search and view judgments and Allahabad High Court orders issued by the Allahabad High Court and its Lucknow Bench.

Allahabad High Court case status can be viewed through case number, case filing number, E-filing diary number, party name or by crime and ST number. 

Allahabad High Court cause list provides the list of all the cases awaiting a hearing. These all can be easily viewed on Allahabad High Court Display board.

· The Chairman will be a sitting justice of the High Court.

· a certain number of other members with relevant experience and credentials as specified by state authority regulations

The High Court Legal Services Committee’s responsibilities

· Equip legal aid, legal direction, and legal assistance to people who fulfill the requirements.

· Hold Lok Adalats for High Court matters and organize them.

· Encourage lawsuit settlement by discussion, arbitration, and conciliation.

Requirements for Providing Legal Aid

  • legal aid,
  • legal advice,
  • or other legal services in issues to the:
  •  Allahabad High Court, 
  • Central Administrative Tribunal, 
  • Board of Revenue, 
  • Or any other authority formed under any law, other than District Courts, to exercise judicial positions in Allahabad.

If a person meets the following criteria, they are eligible for Legal Aid, Legal Advice, and other Legal Services:

· A girl or a woman,

· A person who is mentally ill or otherwise impaired, as described in Article 23 of the Indian Constitution

· A sufferer of human trafficking or a drifter

· A sufferer of a natural disaster, ethnic warfare, caste atrocities, flood, drought, earthquake, or other industrial disasters; 

· An employee in the manufacturing sector,

· being kept in guardianship, such as in a protective home, a Juvenile Home, a Psychiatric Hospital, or a Psychiatric Nursing Home.

· making annual earnings of up to one lakh rupees from all sources.

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